The parents of Alpha Iota members play a very important role in the chapter. As a chapter, we are proud to have a group of outstanding young men. We recognize our parents as the main source in developing the character of our members. Behind every great chapter are great parents, and we think our parents are worth celebrating.

The Alpha Iota chapter will send emails to our parents throughout the year informing them of important events and reminding them of significant dates. Please fill out this contact form if you wish to receive updates from the chapter!

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Parent’s Weekend and Mom’s Weekend (November 13, 2021)

Every year, Pi Kappa Phi hosts a parent’s weekend and a mom’s weekend. These events are set up for the guardians of our active brothers to come and visit the property, meet the brothers, and enjoy the food and atmosphere at Pi Kappa Phi. These weekends are a great opportunity to see what our chapter is all about and become more involved. Pi Kappa Phi is planning on having Parents weekend on November 13th, 2021. This is the same weekend as the Mississippi State game. people having a pic with the banner

During select weekends throughout the year, our fraternity hosts Parent’s Weekend and Mother’s Weekend.

Parent’s Weekend is typically held on the weekend of the last home game in September. The parents of all of our brothers are invited and encouraged to attend. We prepare a cocktail and dinner party on Friday night, and on Saturday, the parents are invited to the house for our tailgate. On Sunday morning, we host a father and son golf tournament at a local course.

Mother’s Weekend is held in late February. We plan a fun weekend for our brothers and their mothers to share. On Friday, mothers will have a meet and greet either at the house or a nearby hotel and, then on Saturday, we host a dinner at the house and brunch the next morning.