Pi Kappa Phi is very excited to celebrate 95 years on the loveliest village on the plains! To celebrate our many years at Auburn University and the many brothers we’ve met over the years, Alpha Iota would like to host a 95th-anniversary celebration. We would love to see our former brothers and have a chance to show our current house and all of its accessories. Our active brothers are very excited to host this event and can’t wait to see you all soon!

Our celebration will be taking place during the weekend of the Auburn vs. Georgia home game on October 9th, 2021. Below is our intended schedule of events:

OCTOBER 8TH: Cocktail Event

The night before the football game, Alpha Iota will be hosting a cocktail party at the house. All of our active brothers and staff will be present. A bar service will be accompanying us to provide fun and interesting drinks for all. This is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, tour the house, and meet some of our active members. We ask all participants to dress in formal attire.

OCTOBER 9TH: Tailgate and 95th Celebration

With Auburn’s first major home game of the season, Alpha Iota wants to kick it off with a great tailgate experience. Food will be provided by our house chefs, and many game-day festivities will be taking place. We will announce how proud we are to be a chapter that has been active for 95 years at Auburn and would love to introduce all of our renovation plans and progress thus far. There will be plenty of opportunities to help contribute to the chapter through donations and fundraising at this event. Our house mom, Martha Venable, will be present and is very eager to see some of her beloved “chaps”.

OCTOBER 9TH: Brotherly Bonfire

After the Auburn vs. Georgia game, feel free to hang out at the house for a relaxed night sitting around a bonfire. Plenty of brothers, alumni, parents, and staff will be present, and many stories and memories of the shenanigans that took place at Pi Kapp will be shared. We encourage all to join us this night and feel free to talk about yourself, some advice, and your time at Pi Kappa Phi.

OCTOBER 10TH: Sunday Golf Tournament

The day after the Auburn vs. Georgia game, Alpha Iota will be hosting a golf tournament at a local golf course for the day. There will be a buy-in price and rewards to the winning golfers. More details soon to come

95th Anniversary Celebration