Renovating our Party Barn

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Renovating our party barn is one of our more expensive projects thus far due to the amount of detail we would like to put into our barn for the future. For starters, we would like to replace our garage door with a brand new garage door. The current door is damaged with holes, scratches, and torn pieces. Next, we would like to incorporate an HVAC system so the barn can be a more socially acceptable area to gather in, without being too hot or cold. With an HVAC system, we would have to implement a new form of insulation so we can maintain steady temperatures without exercising our power bill. Other additions such as a new bar and touching up some of the damaged pieces of wall will make the barn more appealing to guests, too. The barn is where much of brother’s time is spent because it is a reliable place for a tailgate, party, or even brotherly activities. ​ As shown in the picture above, the barn is lined with many different flags from all over the nation. Every brother that is apart of our chapter is represented with their hometown flag to show that this chapter is inclusive to brothers from all over the country. Pi Kapp has brothers from all over the United States and these flags show how we can all come together and form a brotherly bond no matter where we are from.
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